sdg1 No poverty

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As the UN puts it: Poverty has many dimensions; its causes include unemployment, social exclusion and high vulnerability of certain populations to disasters, diseases and other phenomena which prevent them from being productive. Growing inequality is detrimental to economic growth and undermines social cohesion, increasing political and social tensions and, in some circumstances, driving instability and conflicts as well as being an afront to human dignity.

RSP Competences sdg1 No poverty

Systems sdg1 No poverty

Understand the worldwide and/or local systems that cause or diminish poverty.

Attentiveness sdg1 No poverty

Understand fundamentally unsustainable aspects of our society and the way it is developing regarding poverty and be aware of the urgent need for change.

Transdisciplinarity sdg1 No poverty

Contribute to ending poverty by acting collaboratively both within and outside of own discipline, role, perspectives and values.

Criticality sdg1 No poverty

Contribute to ending poverty by critical evaluation of the relevance and reliability of assertions, sources, models and theories.

Futures sdg1 No poverty

Explore alternative possibilities for the future that might end poverty in all its forms everywhere and use these possibilities to consider how current behaviours might need to change.

Empathy sdg1 No poverty

Develop self-awareness and awareness of others in poverty.

Creativity sdg1 No poverty

Find creative suggestions as to how to end poverty.

Responsibility sdg1 No poverty

Contribute to ending poverty by acting transparently and accepting personal responsibility.

Participation sdg1 No poverty

Contribute to changes that will support the end of poverty in all its forms.

Values sdg1 No poverty

Work responsively and inclusively with others on diminishing poverty, while remaining aware of personal beliefs and values and those of others.

Action sdg1 No poverty

Work to reduce poverty in a proactive and considered manner.

Decisiveness sdg1 No poverty

Contribute to ending poverty by acting in a cautious and timely manner even in situations of uncertainty.