Systems sdg1 No poverty

Understand the worldwide and/or local systems that cause or diminish poverty.

For example:

Students work in groups to research and analyse, using data, different area’s around the world/in their country/region with different wealth/ poverty levels.

Discuss, using multi-perspective background (e.g. social, political, economic, cultural and ecological) as input, possible causes of these differences. 

Analyse connections between these perspectives.

Write up the report and use it as a starting point for discussions with local authorities, social workers and cultural leaders about the situation in the school’s neighbourhood: do they recognize the team output and in what way are they working on improvement, against the background of the targets and indicators of SDG1?

Seek contact with a school in a different social area and work on an exchange of ideas and people; and seek how these schools can support each other.

Background reading Piketty, Le Capital au XXIe siècle, Paris 2013 and Atkinson, Inequality, London 2015