The 12 RSP Competences presented in a table

Here the 12 RSP Competences are presented in table format.  The first column contains competences broadly related to holistic thinking, the second to envisioning change and the third to achieving transformation, ideally at the institutional or system level.

Presenting the competences in this way does not mean that they should be thought of as separate or isolated – educators will inevitably work on and with various competences at any one time.

Thinking Holistically
Envisioning Change
Achieving Transformation
The educator helps learners to develop an understanding of the world as an interconnected whole and to look for connections across our social and natural environment and consider the consequences of actions.
The educator helps learners to explore alternative possibilities for the future and to use these to consider how behaviours might need to change.
The educator helps learners to contribute to changes that will support sustainable development.
The educator helps learners to understand fundamentally unsustainable aspects of our society and the way it is developing and increases their awareness of the urgent need for change.
The educator helps learners to respond to their feelings and emotions and those of others as well as developing an emotional connection to the natural world.
The educator develops an awareness among learners of how beliefs and values underpin actions and how values need to be negotiated and reconciled.
The educator helps learners to act collaboratively both within and outside of their own discipline, role, perspectives and values.
The educator encourages creative thinking and flexibility within their learners.
The educator helps the learners to take action in a proactive and considered manner.
The educator helps learners to evaluate critically the relevance and reliability of assertions, sources, models and theories.
The educator helps learners to reflect on their own actions, act transparently and to accept personal responsibility for their work.
The educator helps the learners to act in a cautious and timely manner even in situations of uncertainty.