Creativity sdg1 No poverty

Find creative suggestions as to how to end poverty.

For example:

Students research policies and manifestos for political parties in their countries. In what way does each party propose to end poverty, in their own country and worldwide.

Students consider:

  • How is ‘poverty’ defined in that country?
  • How does this definition relate to worldwide standards?
  • What are the implications of living according to the national definition of ‘poverty’?
  • What is the opinion of political parties in your government on poverty? Do they want to reduce it? If so, how? Do you agree with that solution?
  • In small groups choose the political programme that you consider to be the most effective and discuss why.
  • Discuss ways of making thee program even more effective. What criteria do you use for ‘effectiveness’?
  • If possible, discuss the outcome of your research with a representative of a political party.