sdg14 Life below water

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As the UN puts it: Marine protected areas need to be effectively managed and well-resourced and regulations need to be put in place to reduce overfishing, marine pollution and ocean acidification.

RSP Competences sdg14 Life below water

Systems sdg14 Life below water

Understand the links between climate change, sea-level rise and over-consumption of seafood products.

Attentiveness sdg14 Life below water

Be aware of the impact of climate change on coastal areas. Understand the risks associated with overfishing and the importance of marine ecosystems.

Transdisciplinarity sdg14 Life below water

Be aware that dealing with the sustainability of marine life requires transdisciplinary approaches, not only because it involves several disciplines, from social to scientific, from legal to technological ones, but also because it affects people personally, and involves values, cultures and lifestyles.

Criticality sdg14 Life below water

Maintain a critical stance while reflecting and acting on marine life, being aware that each pressure group tries to defend its own interests. Distinguish between facts, assumptions and opinions, collect and analyse data and sources including the identification of different perspectives and underlying values within arguments.

Futures sdg14 Life below water

Identify the links between former ways, actual ways and possible future ways of management and their impact on marine biodiversity. Link different scenarios of climate change and the impact on the marine environment. Develop future scenarios to promote marine biodiversity. 

Empathy sdg14 Life below water

Understand and feel what an over exploitative situation based on maximum profit implies for life under water and for people depending on it for their survival.

Creativity sdg14 Life below water

Reflect on current behaviours and recognise causes of overfishing. Explore and suggest alternatives behaviours would protect marine life.

Responsibility sdg14 Life below water

Be aware of personal and collective responsibility towards marine life and explore ways to reduce individual and collective impact on life below water.

Participation sdg14 Life below water

Collectively identify possible steps and mechanisms to make problems related to life below water evolve towards a more sustainable situation.

Values sdg14 Life below water

Engage with others in a construction of knowledge related to the promotion of subaquatic biodiversity and recognize values and beliefs behind (un)sustainable ways of managing subaquatic biodiversity. Identify own values and those of others, and reflect how these can be combined in order to reduce the impact of human activities on the oceans.

Action sdg14 Life below water

Experience the power of action of an individual as being part of a group and experience democratic processes related to actions that can result in the sustainability of life below water.

Decisiveness sdg14 Life below water

Facing an uncertain future, evaluate various options based on collective intelligence and take a decision that help protect life below water.