Transdisciplinarity sdg14 Life below water

Be aware that dealing with the sustainability of marine life requires transdisciplinary approaches, not only because it involves several disciplines, from social to scientific, from legal to technological ones, but also because it affects people personally, and involves values, cultures and lifestyles.

For example:

Role-play method

Form four groups of students. Each group has a selection of people:

  1. Representatives of an environmental NGO
  2. Representatives of political authorities (State or regional)
  3. Representatives of a fishermen’s association
  4. Representatives of consumers
  5. Representatives of the scientific world (biologists, geographers, historians)
  6. Observer.


  1. Everyone prepares the arguments to defend their interests in particular area of sea.
  2. Role-play a meeting between the representative from each group.
  3. Observer summarise main arguments and points made from their group meeting
  4. In plenary make a list of arguments and points made by each set of representatives
  5. In plenary discuss ways of finding a sustainable compromise between the various stakeholders.