Futures sdg14 Life below water

Identify the links between former ways, actual ways and possible future ways of management and their impact on marine biodiversity. Link different scenarios of climate change and the impact on the marine environment. Develop future scenarios to promote marine biodiversity. 

For example:

Scenario method

Students are asked to think in groups about different scenarios to limit overfishing.

  1. First, they conduct research to identify the main issues related to overfishing (factors) and to find solutions. 
  2. In a second step, students place the identified factors on a 2-axes graph (important – important – uninfluenced / predictable – unpredictable), the idea being to identify key factors (three or four at most) on which to make contrasting assumptions (Gaudin, 2013, p. 99). 
  3. Third, students write three or four scenarios that they think are relevant, such as: 
    • Competitiveness, confidence in science
    • Social and environmental wellbeing
    • Trend scenario.