Empathy sdg14 Life below water

Understand and feel what an over exploitative situation based on maximum profit implies for life under water and for people depending on it for their survival.

For example:

Act as if your life was depending on life under water through the method of “image theatre”.

  1. A ‘photograph’ of a scene in which various submarine animals and plants as well as humans is created by a group of learners. The scene represents a situation where there is overexploitation of natural resources by big fisheries which impact on the traditional fisherfolk and their families, as well as the animals and plants represented. Only those acting know what the scene is, they stay in place without moving and the rest of the group has to find out what the situation is about.
  2. A student not involved goes to one of the people acting (anyone except the big fishery representative) and asks him/her how they feel being in this situation.
  3. The student then takes the place of that person in the picture, reformulates how his/her predecessor felt and acts it.
  4. The process can be repeated a few times with other stakeholders, before asking the big fishery representative how he/she feels.

A second image can then be set up with a more sustainable situation, and the process can start again.