Sistemas sdg13 Acción por el clima

Comprender cómo los fenómenos naturales y humanos que causan el cambio climático están interconectados y ser conscientes de las responsabilidades del paradigma de desarrollo actual dominante.
Aplicar una visión y enfoque sistémicos para anticipar
posibles escenarios futuros, tomar decisiones en condiciones de incertidumbre y evaluar riesgos e impactos y, por lo tanto, garantizar la flexibilidad necesaria.

For example:

Use the webbing game to illustrate how natural and human phenomena which cause climate change are interconnected and reliant on each other:
Various pictures showing a variety of consequences of climate change are distributed among the group e.g. sea level increase, desertification, melting glaciers, flooding….
Members discuss together what they know about each and the underlying causes (both human and natural), which are listed and “assigned” within the group.
Group leader then moves randomly amongst the group asking what connections each thing has with other items. A ball of string is then passed between each to show the connections and to gradually build up a web between them.
Group leader then creates a scenario whereby one of them is removed, and then another and the web starts to collapse.
This should lead to input on the interconnectivity, complexity and systemic nature of root causes, deriving from the current development model causing climate change.