Atención sdg9 Industria, innovación e infraestructura

Comprender los aspectos fundamentalmente insostenibles de nuestra sociedad y la forma en que se está desarrollando y la necesidad urgente de cambio hacia una infraestructura resiliente, una industrialización e innovación inclusivas y sostenibles.

For example:

Introduce the idea of how learning from nature can lead to smarter designs and more sustainable solutions. Students, in small groups, explore the school to identify unsustainable behaviour, routines etc. They then brainstorm alternative, sustainable solutions that might include mimicry, circular thinking and/or cradle to cradle.

Students write the challenge and solutions on a big sheet of paper and put it on the wall.

Teams check and critique each other’s work.

If possible, the results are presented to the school management.

NB: the whole process can be adapted to consider home, personal lifestyle, neighbourhood etc…

Useful source: ‘Webster & Johnson, Sense & sustainability’ (TerraPreta 2009); Dutch: Leren van de Natuur (NME Utrecht 2010) especially the suggestions on p154.