Acción sdg15 Vida de ecosistemas terrestres

Explorar con las partes interesadas externas cómo se pueden mantener los hábitats y las comunidades de vida silvestre con enfoques innovadores.

For example:

Conduct a fieldtrip to a nearby rural community. Visit the community and talk with local residents and authorities about the impact of the transformation of the community (e.g. rural tourism, abandoning of cultivation, abandoning of local varieties, reduction of farm land, etc.). Research alternative practices. Learners also meet with local and non-local activists and authorities and gather secondary data on the region and the main problems. Each group prepare a report of findings and conclusions drawn.

Introduce the concept of grassroots innovation and some of their examples such as l’atelier paysan (or others in the field of seeds, rural development, maker spaces, etc.). Discuss what grassroots innovation means and how it can be applied to the case study.

Engage with stakeholders in the fieldwork case and, using critical design thinking and grassroots innovation methodologies, involve the local community of the fieldwork in designing a solution for one of the issues raised in the previous stages.