Responsabilidad sdg9 Industria, innovación e infraestructura

Actuar con transparencia y aceptar la responsabilidad personal mientras se trabaja en una infraestructura resiliente y en una industrialización e innovación inclusivas y sostenibles.

For example:

Ask students to:

  • make a personal inventory of the clothes they wear.
  • find out prices for these clothes
  • add up the prices to come up with a personal total.
  • check the level of sustainability by using Rankabrand or comparable sites.
  • use the same sites to find the most sustainable brands, shops etc. for their clothes
  • check the prices, add them up and compare the outcome with the ‘non-sustainable’ total.
  • compare production lines of some clothes, including production; transport; trading; selling, if possible: added value. Criteria for comparing: People, Planet, Prosperity.


  • feasibility of changing to ethical brands
  • other solutions to make clothing more sustainable
  • pros and cons of different solutions
  • different personal points of view.