Empatía sdg4 Educación de calidad

Comprender la importancia de una educación de calidad para todos y por qué es necesario un enfoque humanista y holístico de la educación.

For example:

Language Treasure Hunt. For students to experience a situation where they cannot find their way because they are unable to speak the language, to empathise with those who are refugees in a new country.
Consider the students in your class. Are there any learners that can speak an additional language to the one used for instruction in school? These could include languages that use a different alphabet. Gather these students together and ask for their help.

  • Ask this group of students to make some signposts in their additional languages for common places you would find in a local community such as ‘Pharmacy’ or ‘Chemist’, ‘Supermarket’, ‘School’, ‘Police Station’, ‘Train Station’, ‘Library’, ‘Hospital’, ‘Shop’, ‘Doctor’, ‘Bus Stop’ etc. Make sure the signs contain only words.
  • Ask the children to position themselves around the room or a larger space holding up their signs. Ask them to only speak in their language for the full duration of the lesson.
  • Explain to the students that they will be asked to complete some simple tasks, similar to those that a newly arrived refugee might need to complete.
  • Tell the students that they can ask for help from others and that if they have access to the internet they can also use that too. Let them set off on their ‘hunt’.