Crítica sdg9 Indústria, innovació i infraestructura

Evaluar críticamente la relevancia y fiabilidad de las afirmaciones, fuentes, modelos y teorías usadas con el fin de establecer infraestructura resiliente e industrialización e innovación inclusivas y sostenibles.

Per exemple:

In groups, students analyse different advertisements with different messages e.g. car advertisements with women up front, swiss chocolate; Groups discuss the advertisement from the following viewpoints:

  • What qualities is it seeking to attribute to the product ?
  • What social, political, economic, cultural and/or ecological images is it using?
  • Is it seeking to exploit nature or a cultural or social issue?
  • What is really being sold?
  • How might the advert affect the way we think about social, political, economic, cultural and/or ecological issues?
  • What are the key sustainable development issues associated with the advert?

The group then ‘fact checks’ to find a more objective way of displaying the article, including pros and cons of its use. The results are presented and then the group reflect on the process.

Possible further activities: Find out how shop-windows and/or TV-internet adverts use social, political, economic, cultural and/or ecological images.

Useful text: Critical thinking about consumerism and consumer focused industry (from Tilbury, Wortman: Engaging people in sustainability, chapter 3, critical thinking and reflection. IUCN, UK, 2004).