Criticality sdg13 Climate action

Maintain a critical stance while reflecting and acting on climate change, being aware that this kind of natural phenomena are largely unpredictable, and need a long-term view, attentiveness and flexibility. Distinguish between facts, assumptions and opinions related to climate change, collect and analyse data and sources including the identification of different perspectives and underlying values within arguments.

For example:

Prepare materials showing different issues that we need to be aware of, e.g. Potential research bias/agenda due to funding source/ organisational links Different focus depending on media source e.g. tabloid newspaper, serious newspaper, report.Information changes over time as a result of emerging research/developing ideasInfluence that framing can have, i.e. that the way things are presented can potentially guide thinking.
Give each small group a set of materials that focuses on one of the above issues. Ask each group to study their materials to see what they notice.
Whole group – report back what they have noticed.
Plenary discuss the need to be alert and to evaluate sources.