Transdisciplinarietat sdg16 Pau, justícia i institucions sòlides

Trabajar con personas tanto dentro como fuera de nuestro propio contexto para explorar cuestiones de desventaja y desigualdad (por ejemplo, un centro local de refugiados).

Per exemple:

Students identify a social justice issue (e.g. gender, ethnic or LGBT+ discrimination, homelessness, destruction of valued environments). Identify actors/stakeholders involved in this issue from different backgrounds or areas of expertise (e.g. sociologists, ecologists, economists) as well as the people who are subject to discrimination. Develop a role-play exercise, for a specified age range, in which these actors come together to discuss and attempt to resolve a particular scenario caused by this social justice issue. Create role cards for the different actors in the role-play.
Conduct the role-play (either with fellow students or a group of a given age range) and report on the outcome.