2 My vision of the future

Short description

Close your eyes and sit in silence – relax. Now listen for 10-15 minutes while someone asks you to imagine yourself in 30 years time but imagine it is a positive future. Tell the class/group that they should think of themselves as the age that they are today but the year is 20xx. Now, with a series of pre-planned statements and questions, take them through the process of waking up, asking details about what their bed is like, what they have for breakfast, the clothes they wear (and where they bought them). Ask them to think about the work they might be doing or the school they might be attending; what job might they hope to do? How do they travel? How do they talk to friends and connect with family? What are they planning to do that evening? Allow plenty of long pauses between each question so people have time to imagine the details and think about how it feels, sounds, tastes, smells. After a final long pause ask the group to open their eyes and share with their neighbour or small group, the things they imagined or envisioned. Give each pair/small group a sheet of flip-chart paper and marker pens and ask them to illustrate their ideas so they can share with the wider group. After sharing and now back in pairs/groups, think about the first steps that you will need to take in order to start the journey towards that positive future.

NB This can be a very emotional experience for some people. Be sensitive to the impact it can have and be sure that everyone has the support they need when they ‘come back’ to the present.