Transdisciplinarity sdg6 Clean water and sanitation

Study water issues in a transdisciplinary way to cross types of knowledge, perspectives and values.

For example:

Interdisciplinary inquiry method

Study a local water distribution system. To do this, form three groups in the class.

  1. The first group works with a historical perspective: When was the water distribution system built? What were the aims and difficulties at that time? What was the context? Is it still the same? Have the aims been reached?
  2. The second group works with a geographical perspective: How is the water distribution system planned within the territory? What is the underlying spatial logic? How did it develop? Who are the actors involved and what are their interests? How is this reflected in the way the water distribution system is planned?
  3. The third group works with a citizenship perspective: What are the laws and regulations related to water distribution? What were the political choices made ?

After a phase of sharing work, students are invited to identify some key issues of the local water distribution system, identifying what tends towards sustainability, and what does not.