Systems sdg9 Industry, innovation and infrastructure

Understand how local, national and international industry, systems and infrastructure are connected.

For example:

Small group activity: use ‘placemat’ methodology: Each member writes down his/her favourite items in their room at home. Compared together highlighting similarities.

The group chooses one of the similar items (e.g. laptop, bookshelf, smartphone, pictures).

Group research information about that item e.g. production, transport, trading, labour, added value; and the effects on people (e.g. Who produces, transports and in what circumstances?), planet (e.g. What are the ecological effects?) and economy (e.g. Who benefits? Who loses?).
Group discussion on positive and negative impact of the item. Brainstorm how to turn the negatives into positives and reflect on the effects these changes would have on the personal life of the group members (higher prices, different colours/ shapes; less sophisticated).

Possible further activities

  • Analyse the local mall, talk with shopkeepers and other stakeholders about their awareness etc. Extrapolate the process to other items.
  • Report and reflect on the outcome.