Systems sdg4 Quality education

Discuss the importance of education and lifelong learning opportunities for all (formal, non-formal and informal learning) as main drivers of sustainable development, for improving people’s lives and in achieving the SDGs.

For example:

Split students into groups of 3 or 4. Ask each group to draw a large outline or silhouette of a person. Ask them to think about what qualities and characteristics an educated person might have. Students should write these in the silhouette of the person.

Next ask them to draw a big circle around the silhouette of the person to represent the world. Students should now discuss what the qualities and characteristics of a world full of educated people would be and write these down.

Students can also add pictures and symbols to their drawing.

Ask groups of students to share their ideas.

With students in pairs, ask them to think about the opportunities that could open up as a result of everyone having access to quality education. Ask them to come up with a list of five opportunities to share with the class.