Responsibility sdg5 Gender equality

Recognize a range of rights, roles and responsibilities with regards to gender issues, consider opportunities for change and take action responsively and transparently to bring about change while reflecting critically on decisions made and actions taken.

For example:

Individual reflection:
Encourage learners to reflect individually on situations in their lives where they had to take decisions which had gender implications and
encourage them to consider any memorable dilemmas they had and whether they made well-judged and gender balanced, or misjudged and
gender imbalanced decisions. Share and discuss.

Ask students to write an I-report in which they describe a range of rights, roles and responsibilities in daily life from a gender perspective and how they accept personal responsibility and accountability towards achievement of better gender equality and how they act transparently by reporting to others in appropriate ways. Ask them to give as many examples as possible.

Then ask each group of pairs to discuss one report and add their reflections.
Finally ask all learners to reflect on their reports: describe what you can change in order to become (even) more responsible and accountable in promoting better gender equality.