Participation sdg6 Clean water and sanitation

Collectively identify possible steps and mechanisms to make a current water management and sanitation situation evolve towards a more sustainable situation.

For example:

Start with a vision, and identify the steps to make it happen:

  1. Present students with a future scenario for their area that demonstrates sustainable water management. Ask students in groups to analyse the gap between the present situation and the given scenario and think of possible steps and ways to move from the present towards the vision. Then ask them to think about how to put their ideas into action by identifying objectives, stakeholders to be dealt with, hindering/fostering elements (laws, political setting, socio-economic conditions, …) and further structural elements that could be used or would have to be dealt with.
  2. Groups share ideas and compare and discuss.
  3. In plenary, the teacher draws conclusions from ideas presented and points out things to take into account when operationalizing a vision for the future.