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Hungarian Research Teachers’ Association (HRTA) is an independent civil organisation.  Our members are aspiring teachers who live their profession as a mission and are willing to improve the educational environment they are working in.

There are many other creative teachers or various teacher associations—but we are networking (let us teach humanities, arts or science) to support each other in our innovative ambitions. Being part of a civil organisation provides us good opportunities to realize and implement our initiatives so that they get taken further from the level of ideas at last thus making school life more inspiring and more useful. 

Our target is that the work of our Association, which has high standards and effectiveness, would become a main factor to educational policy especially in the fields of talent development and creating educational methods and materials.With our experience and ideas we intend on our students staying open and curious in the World. We want them to become open-minded multi-lingual citizens in a way that they could find their place in different groups as well. They should have the claim to search for the cause-causal connections, but remain stable, harmonic people who beyond their probable successes, keep the importance of giving help in their surroundings.