Futures sdg10 Reduced inequalities

Envision ways to reduce inequalities.

For example:

Game-example: The Worldā€™s Future

The game is an interactive role-playing simulation game which enables players to face the great challenges of our time: How can we use limited resources to achieve the goals? Is it possible to meet competing needs without trade-offs? Can food production provide for all without negative effects on essential natural ecosystems? How can we increase our efforts in climate change mitigation, while at the same time generating enough energy for all? And what role do we ā€“ consumers, producers, governments and NGOs ā€“ play in the implementation of the goals?

Learners can shape the future of this micro-world and improve the wellbeing of the planet and its inhabitants. Dive into the role of a consumer, an energy or food producer, a federal government or an organization of civil society and strive for the global goals together.