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Frederick University (FU) is one of the four recognised private Universities operating in the Republic of Cyprus and is the only University in Cyprus which has an expertise in Education for Environment and Sustainable Development and it offers Masters and PhD programs exclusively in ESD. Since 2009 the School of Education has offered an innovative postgraduate programme (MSc) in Education for the Environment and Sustainable Development. The programme places emphasis upon reorienting education towards sustainable development.

The programme receives support and cooperation from a number of governmental and non-governmental organisations, such as the Ministry of Education and Culture, the Environmental Education Centres Network, the Ministry of Agriculture Natural Resources and Environment, and several environmental NGOs. Furthermore, the undergraduate programmes of the Departments of Primary and Pre-primary education include a number of compulsory courses on education for the environment and sustainable development. Since 2015 school of Education offers a new distance international master course in ICT and ESD.

NCU is one of the leading research units of the FU, which has developed a wide range of activities in the areas of education for the environment and sustainable development, nature conservation and natural resources management. The School of Education works in close cooperation with the Nature Conservation Unit (NCU) of FU. During the past five years, the FU has secured and carried out more than 15 research projects on ESD that have been funded by the Research Promotion Foundation of Cyprus, the European Commission, the United Nations and the Government of Cyprus.

Through these projects, the FU has established close collaborations and concrete national regional and international networks on ESD with a wide range of partners (research institutions, universities, NGOs etc) from Cyprus and abroad. In 2018 FU awarded in Educational Leaders Awards as the University in Cyprus that has a long term and holistic Strategy on ESD.