Empathy sdg9 Industry, innovation and infrastructure

Be aware of others in relation to resilient infrastructure, inclusive and sustainable industrialization and the fostering of innovation.

For example:

Students learn a song eg:

  • Little boxes (original Malvina Reynolds), about standardisation in everything¬†: houses, education, cultures etc.
  • Garden song, inch by inch (original Dave Mallet), about growing your own veggies.
  • What have they done to the rain (original Malvina Reynolds), about polluted rain.
  • Morning dew (original Bonny Dobson), about the day after a nuclear war.

Discuss the meaning of the song and the fact that these are relatively old songs (at least 40 years) that describe a specific situation. Can we relate to it? Is it still relevant? Do we all feel the same about it? How do we deal with differences? What should we do about the issues mentioned?

Students write a poem, essay, song, roleplay in which a preferred solution is described. Imagine (John Lennon) could be used as an example.