Decisiveness sdg11 Sustainable cities and communities

Make sound and well-informed decisions considering different community and stakeholder views and act promptly to create a sustainable community.

For example:

A scenario is presented, for describing the problem in Koh Pich a small island in Cambodia, where the Government in 2004 decided to remove from the island the 134 agricultural families aiming to transform the natural island to a free trade centre, attracting multinational companies to invest on it. The discussion of the scenario is based on issues like changing the use of land and the social, economic, ecological consequences of this change; the destruction of professional groups, the uprooting of populations, the disruption of social cohesion.

When the issue is discussed in depth, using various sources of information, the group is divided in small groups taking different roles:

  • The local population
  • The representatives of the Government
  • The Investors
  • The representatives of the environmental parties
  • The representatives of Mass Media

Each group justifies its opinion and uses various resources of information to build their arguments. Role-play is expected to reveal all the different aspects of the issue, their consequences and impacts, aiming to reach a decision that will ensure the sustainability of the island and the population.