Decisiveness sdg10 Reduced inequalities

Act in a cautious and timely manner, even in situations of uncertainty, to reduce inequality.

For example:


Greta Thunberg, Jeppe Bijker (sailing from Holland to the climate summit in Chili), Eva Dijkema (sailing with him; ProRail advisor on SD), Rosa Hofgärtner (also sailing; television documentary maker on SD), Anuna de Wever, Adélaïde Charlier and Kyta Gantois (Belgian climate activists), Won Smolbag (Vanuatu, climate activist)… All of them might be great examples of young people who meet the aim as described above.


Ask students to think about themselves. Do they have an example from their personal or professional life that might demonstrate positive decision making? Ask them to write it down in a ‘tweet’.


Presentation of some ‘tweets’; other students are challenged to mention the parts of the tweet that show the skill. Only positive remarks please!


Ask students to reflect on what they need to increase this skill within themselves

Personal aims

Ask students to come up with a personal development plan that helps them develop this skill.