Criticality sdg9 Industry, innovation and infrastructure

Critically evaluate the relevance and reliability of assertions, sources, models and theories in order to establish resilient infrastructure and inclusive and sustainable industrialization and innovation.

For example:

In groups, students analyse different advertisements with different messages e.g. car advertisements with women up front, swiss chocolate; Groups discuss the advertisement from the following viewpoints:

  • What qualities is it seeking to attribute to the product ?
  • What social, political, economic, cultural and/or ecological images is it using?
  • Is it seeking to exploit nature or a cultural or social issue?
  • What is really being sold?
  • How might the advert affect the way we think about social, political, economic, cultural and/or ecological issues?
  • What are the key sustainable development issues associated with the advert?

The group then ‘fact checks’ to find a more objective way of displaying the article, including pros and cons of its use. The results are presented and then the group reflect on the process.

Possible further activities: Find out how shop-windows and/or TV-internet adverts use social, political, economic, cultural and/or ecological images.

Useful text: Critical thinking about consumerism and consumer focused industry (from Tilbury, Wortman: Engaging people in sustainability, chapter 3, critical thinking and reflection. IUCN, UK, 2004).