Criticality sdg11 Sustainable cities and communities

Determine, analyse and discuss the problems that make communities unsustainable. Critically review decisions concerning their community, city and discuss whether these make it more sustainable and/or how they should change in order to make it more sustainable.

For example:

Scenario: Local authorities decide to turn a free space in a densely populated community (suffering from urbanization and a lack of green) into a trade centre instead of a community park. A role-play is organised based on this scenario. Different roles are identified as well as conflicting interests and opinions. Students are divided into groups with each group representing one role. The groups collect information in order to build arguments supporting their position. Act out the role-play and explore the issues from different perspectives. At the end of the play, show the problems and issues through a web or concept map so as to indicate their systemic and complex character. The role-play ends with specific decisions that are reviewed and discussed according to their impact on the community.