Creativity sdg10 Reduced inequalities

Develop creative ways of reducing inequalities.

For example:

Game-example: Mission 1.5

Mission 1.5, will give learners a direct way to communicate to their governments the change they want to see.  

The campaign is based around a mobile game that educates people about climate policy and provides a platform for them to vote on the solutions they want to see happen. The votes will then be compiled and analysed by researchers at the University of Oxford before being delivered to government leaders and climate policymakers.

The game, developed by UNDP with partners, was beta-tested last September (2019) and 1.25 million players voted. It is launching in all six of the UN’s official languages, and more languages will be added as the campaign progresses throughout the year.

Mission 1.5 uses mobile gaming technology in an entirely new way. Instead of just a website, the game is delivered through ads in some of the most popular video games in the world.