Attentiveness sdg11 Sustainable cities and communities

Recognise and discuss the unsustainable practices of human settlements locally and globally and identify aspects of our cities, communities and societies that need to change in order to improve our life-quality (e.g. energy, water, transportation, food, safety, waste, health, accessibility, education, inclusion, green etc.).

For example:

Teachers, students and parents, conduct a field study in their community. Students and parents following different directions and using a map of the community, register on the map locations of practices in their community that impact on their quality of life. Returning to school, all the groups work together to compile in a bigger map, schemes, notes and drawings of the things they spotted in their area of investigation as unsustainable, justifying why they want to change them and how (proposals for changes and actions). Then they organise a discussion in the school inviting all the interested parties and community stakeholders. They present the results of their field work and their suggestions and ideas for actions and decide jointly on a long-term course of actions that will help their community become more sustainable.