Attentiveness sdg10 Reduced inequalities

Recognise examples of inequality locally and globally and understand possible causes.

For example:

Game-example: The Human Security Challenge

The Human Security Challenge takes place on a board that symbolizes a virtual world. Six fictional nations invest in security and aim to gain the most power by the end of the last game round. The dynamics are similar to issues that world leaders grapple with: limited resources, crises, conflict and international negotiations. The players face crucial trade-offs between long-term stability and short-term national interests.

The world is becoming increasingly complex and this calls for appropriate tools on how to deal with the world’s commons. The Human Security Challenge aims to provide players with insights into the dynamics at play and to stimulate reflection on collaboration between different players with different interests and perspectives.

The Challenge focuses on hard and soft measures of security and is used as a tool to start the conversation about the different aspects of security. The game is designed in a way that ensures the participants gain an improved understanding of the complexity of security issues and also helps them reflect on how they, as individuals, make decisions and position themselves in relation to each other.